From Passion to Profession: Brad and Carter's Journey to Web Design

Meet Brad and Carter, the two owners of WebWiz Design LLC. Both of them embarked on their journey into web design and development on their own time, driven by a passion for creating innovative and visually appealing websites.

Brad's Journey

A bachelors in marketing, online courses, and seminars was just the start for Brad. Brad's e-commerce career began with the launch of a successful car enthusiast clothing brand in 2018. Through this experience, he gained valuable insights into the world of online business and digital marketing. However, Brad soon realized that his true passion lay in web design and has been working closely with clients to meet their website needs.

Carter's Path

On the other hand, Carter's journey into web design was sparked by a curiosity about the inner workings of the internet. He delved into understanding business and design principles, honing his skills through online courses and started a successful Lego business called BlockNBolt. Carter's dedication and innovative thinking led him to become a proficient web designer.

The Collaboration

As Brad and Carter's paths converged, they recognized the potential of combining their skills and expertise to create a dynamic web design agency. TheWebWizardz was born out of their shared vision to provide innovative and customized solutions for their clients.

Today, TheWebWizardz stands as a testament to Brad and Carter's dedication to their craft. Their journey from self-taught designers to successful business owners is a testament to the power of passion, hard work, and collaboration in the world of web design.

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