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Important FAQs

How long does it take to receive my website?

Delivery takes 5-6 business days.

Are there any hidden fees?

No, there are no hidden fees. Once you purchase a service from us, you will receive exactly what you paid for.

Do I have to purchase anything else after buying a website?

Yes. Through Shopify you do have to purchase a domain for $15 and choose a monthly hosting plan for $1 in order to have a live website.

How do you handle design revisions?

We typically handle design revisions by first discussing the requested changes with the client to ensure that we understand the desired outcome. From there, we will provide a timeline for the requested revisions and keep the client updated throughout the 24 hour process. After 24 hours no more revision requests can be made.

What are my next steps after purchasing?

Once you receive your website via email, it's simply a matter of logging in and navigating to settings. Once in settings, select plan and pick one of the $1/month plans that best suits you. Next, click the tab that says payments and enter in all your details needed to accept payments. Click Domains, select Buy New Domain, type your desired website URL link and click buy. Finally, make your website live by selecting Online Store and removing the password shown over the website preview. Now it's time for you to promote your products and generate sales.

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